Friday, November 07, 2008

fashfab #6 = absolutely fabulous

So I attended fashfab #6 at twentyone last night and it was great! First up, I always enjoy the music there. Sounds like house to me (what do girls know about music genres, eh? <-- according to someone I know), it's really good anyway, kinda like background music for clubs. You can talk over it if you want, and you can move to it if you feel like it.

TallJac picked the best spot at the bar because we were right in front of the bartenders, Ben from Sweden and Kelly from New York, who kept serving up samples of their specialty drinks. But even if we had to pay, it would've been alright, because their specialty cocktails were RM10 right up till... 11.30pm or somewhere there. Niiiiiiiiiice!

Since last night was a shoesshoesshoes thingy, there were 2 fashion shows displaying their shoes, and then some... corsets? But a word of advice to shoe models out there. Sure, you start your walk at the top of the steps and pose sexily with the shoes, but when you walk, do you have to walk as if you're Lewis Hamilton's car? Just a flash of... wait, was that yellow? And then a BLINDING flash from the camera, and then another flash of... maybe it was gold, after all?

Talking about shoesshoesshoes, we got a goodie bag from them which, as I wrote yesterday, I was pretty excited about. Obviously I didn't really think there'd be shoes in there, but at least something more substantial than... an RM20 voucher off their shoes. A bloody RM20 off shoes that are RM300? And only for the month of November? Eh, this is what I would enter in Wiktionary under the heading "grudgingly". I seriously would've expected more from them, not in terms of discount, but class. This disappointment was at least made better by twentyone's generous RM50 off their food. That's more like it!

On the whole I had a loada fun, just us girls out for the night. Can't say much for how they're feeling this morning at the office though, heheheh...

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