Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Some of you may know that I've been suffering for a couple of months now with my downstairs neighbours loud music-playing, banging and karaoke-singing/yelling. Most mornings I wake up to bass beats through my floor, making the bed vibrate. Most days, I call the management office to tell them to shut up. Most times, it works. For an hour.

I have been damning them to hell for a few weeks now but it doesn't seem to have worked. And as I write this, they are laughing and talking loudly at their balcony for all the world to hear.

So I have been trying to think of revenge tactics, but none that I can do that can make them as annoyed as I am by them. The best thing would be to have them kicked out of the apartment, but how do you do that? The management office says there are a few of them living there, Indonesian students, apparently, renting. There are no bloody colleges in this area, why do they live here?

Tonight I went online in search of 'neighbour revenge tactics' and found a few funny and also malicious ones, none of which would really stop their music-playing. But then I stumbled upon a discussion which really grabbed my attention and made me read to the end.

Ideas for dirty deeds to annoy an ex-neighbour

I would recommend reading that even if it is a bit lengthy. I think Timstone might, since he loves reading :)

It starts out with revenge tactics, but it then becomes a debate between the "why do you need revenge?" people and the "they deserve it" people. honestly, the people on the first team really mustn't have had any bad neighbours before. plus, it really irks me when people post arguments on a thread which is about something else. If you have a problem with revenge tactics, STOP READING! And don't even bother posting, will you?

Anyway, it really becomes an interesting debate, because the person who posted the problem - although insulted by the opposing team - still explains rationally and maturely without getting angry as most people would do.

Still hasn't helped me with the neighbour problem, but it gave me a really entertaining read for half an hour though.


Carrot said...

hahah! the dogshit + petrol one's really funny! and the porn stuff. LOL!

- t ! m s t [o] n e - said...

what!? only 2 pages?