Saturday, August 09, 2008

J'adore Nuages Du Monde! Je l'adore! Woohoo!

I don't know why it's taken me so bloody long to blog about this, but I FINALLY HAVE NUAGES DU MONDE! This is Delerium's latest album - okay, I say latest, but it was actually released in 2006, and I didn't know about it because none of the music shops here brought it in!!! Anger and resentment.

Incidentally, the smart-ass joker at Rock Corner sucks. It'll take too long for me to explain what he did, but basically, he thinks he's smart, and he bloody well is NOT.

Anyway, searched online, but all the US sites didn't accept Malaysian credit cards, and the UK shops were too expensive. So I asked lovely G's help to use his credit card. In the end he bought it from a UK site cuz he didn't wanna use his CC on a "dodgy US website".

Waited, waited, waited... and he finally got it a few days ago! He ripped the CD and sent it to me.. been listening every day since. And it's awesome awesome awesome!

It's actually playing here now, in case you're wondering why there's music playing. TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS! All the music is from Nuages Du Monde, except for Satellite Girl, which is by Conjure One, my second favourite musicians. Hmm, this song is also causing me a lot of angst as I can't find it anywhere to download or purchase. So the only time I can listen to it is if I visit my blog. Which isn't such a bad thing, I guess.

Cream of the crop: Tectonic Shift (seriously lovin' this track as it's like an 'advanced' Delerium - if possible) and Apparition (which is on the blog playlist - scroll to the bottom to select it).

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