Friday, August 08, 2008

Alexis @ Ampang

It's been a few years since I last went to Alexis in Great Eastern Mall, but it doesn't seem to have changed. Still has a great vibe, and everything looks as it was. I just love the interior of the place.

Last night, I went there for drinks with Sookie. It was a Thursday night and there weren't many people there, but enough to make it cosy. I felt chocolate-cakey (since that night at Duck King when I chose to have gui ling gao instead of chocolate cake) so I had a look at their selection. Most places only have 1 or 2 chocolate selections, but this place is great! It had chocolate mousse, chocolate cinnamon, chocolate brownie, chocolate something else and 1 or 2 more. Yum!

In the end, I chose the chocolate cinnamon cake with ice cream and I wasn't disappointed. It was so so so yummy! I really recommend that if you like chocolate cakes. It tastes like flourless chocolate cake with a hint of cinnamon.

Well, that's all I wanted to say. Just go try their chocolate cinnamon. It's RM14, which is an obscene amount for cake, but really good, nevertheless.

Oh, and one more thing. If you go on a weeknight ie. Sunday-Thursday, don't park in the basement if you're going to stay past midnight. Sookie and I (in one car) drove past the open boomgate happily thinking we didn't have to pay for parking, but when we reached the exit, the roller shutter was down! We drove all round the carpark looking for the alternative exit, but there wasn't one. Then we drove to the security room whose lights were on, but there was no one inside. Typical!

So we had to park the car in front of the shutter and walk up again looking for a guard, whom we eventually found Starbucks-ing with his co-worker. And he got the shutter open for us. But what a hassle! Just park outside lah. Don't have to pay for parking either.

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