Saturday, August 09, 2008

Beijing Olympics opening ceremony

It was AMAZING! AMAZING! You really can't beat the Chinese when it comes to organising mass performances with thousands of participants, can you? The ceremony was so awesome and planned so well. I really don't know what other superlative to use before it gets repetitive :P

My favourite part was the tai ji quan performance, but that was just because I love seeing those kind of things - body movement and control. But otherwise, I'd say all the performances were on par with each other - excellent!

I don't know if they'll repeat it anymore, as they've done so twice that I know of. Unfortunately I've not subscribed to the sports package on Astro so I can only hear audio (when I press the 'R' button), and there's not much use in that. Gotta run over to dad's to watch if I want to.

I am so DEFINITELY going to watch the closing ceremony!

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