Friday, April 27, 2007

Woohoo Gary!

Image above taken from

Gary's got a new iMac, Gary's got a new iMac!

Congratulations, Gary! You've now joined the ranks of us Mac users! Did you get any sleep at all yesterday?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What's up with me?!

I was going to say something cutting about the new MyVi "SPORT" but I don't wanna get hauled in by the ISA. You know how dangerous we bloggers are. HAHA!

So I shall talk about something else. In a happy turnout (pardon the pun) of events, my ballet teacher announced last night that she wants to start me on pointework 6 months from now! Looks like my resolutions will come true faster than I expected. I must be doing something right there... yikes, hope I don't injure myself and get ugly feet *shivers running up and down my spine*.

Just stole a glance at my MSN Messenger list and saw Jason's message - "nothing is IMPOSSIBLE". Today it seems more inspiring than before. Perhaps because I've been worrying so much about future projects and how to get the money I want to spend on things I so want. I guess this is the time to really challenge myself and get out of the Lazy Team and into perseverance mode.

Aiyoyo, I sound so serious this morning.


Mind's blank now, so guess I'll go makan.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Extraordinary! And a bummer do.

I'm in an extraordinarily and surprisingly good mood today. I only noticed it when I came to work and gave a goofy smile to a colleague without even making sure if she was looking at me first.

Maybe it's cuz it's the first week after closing the magazine and I know I can relax a bit more. By the way, "closing the magazine" meaning completing the issue, and not "close shop". Maybe it's cuz I'm wearing a new top and a nice flowy skirt which makes me feel like a proper ballerina :P

Talking about ballet, I've resolved to complete two major major tasks by the end of 2008 - which is 1) to go en pointe, and 2) to be able to execute satisfactory splits. You heard it here! You can hold me to it!

I just saw Nick the Sub online - in Singapore! What do you think you're doing online in Singapore?! Get out on the streets, dude! Tsk tsk!

OMG I just remembered Sharry Berry's karaoke do on Saturday night. Sorry, Shaz, but it was SO not worth the money we paid! Will definitely think twice before going back there for a nighttime do. And also will think twice before going with people who choose 50 year old songs. If I wanted that I could've gone with my dad :(

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Sharry Berry!

What else can I say after that title?

Happy happy 25th Sharry Berry! I shall put up pictures of your celebrations here once I've got hold of them. Which will be... at the end of the year probably! Did you enjoy Mr Bear? HEHEHEHE... hope you had a great time this afternoon.

I'll try to make sure you have a good time tonight. And are well enough to remember it too!

Okay, I'm off to get your birthday present now hehehhe....

Friday, April 20, 2007

A new business venture

Some of you may think I'm talking about THAT business venture, but that's under wraps for the moment...

No, what I'm talking about today is... I WANT TO OPEN A BEACHWEAR STORE! Ok, so it's a rather far-fetched idea but, sigh... it would be so nice! Colourful bikinis hanging in a row, sun hats and necklaces on display, flip-flops and sandals everywhere... colour everywhere!!!

If someone wants to open a beachwear store in town, you know where to look for a partner!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007



I want to design OTE's May cover! I LOVE the cover picture and would love to be able to design the whole thing. But but... the other designer has chomped it, licked it and marked his territory on the cover. AAARGGHHLE.

The frustrations of not being sole designer :P

On the other hand, I may not have enough time to design a really good cover that I'm satisfied with anyway, so hopefully that's a consolation.........

Monday, April 16, 2007

Malayshian so kool!

As I was listening to All Saints in my car tonight, the question suddenly popped into my head:

Why aren't there any mainstream pop girl groups in KL? Yeah, I know we used to have Elite and... yeah, but there are no girl groups singing in English, yet there are so many - too many - hip hop rnb cool rapper your funkiness and phatness groups here.

I guess we KL-ites are far too cool and phunky to produce girl groups singing pop music. That said, if anyone out there wants to form a girl group here, you know where to reach me. HEH.........

Photos: CNY2007@Penang

As promised, here are the 2007 Chinese New Year pix!!!!!!! WOW.

I'm kinda lazy to type captions for em so just enjoy the pictures lah. They're all my family and that last one down there is the reunion dinner my grandma whipped up. She's so The Man.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nick The Sub

As I write this on Nick The Sub's computer, I have to say that he SPEAKS VERY LOUDLY indeed.

It's 20 minutes to 6pm and I'm so eager to get out of the office! Thank God today my creative block has been lifted somewhat, and I managed to do something remotely creative in the magazine. There's still much Photoshop to discover. Hmm...

I just started a MySpace page! It actually sucks pretty much. It's so bloody difficult to customise (unlike Blogger *blink blink*) and the layout of everything is really messy. If it wasn't for the huge opportunities for networking I wouldn't bother. HEEEEEEEH :P

Have you ever been in a public toilet when someone else in there has done something really embarrassing? Today seems to be the day it happens to me. I went in the morning, and shortly after, someone else enters a cubicle and starts groaning! And I'm talking MAJOR GROANS like when trying to get poo out during constipation. In between the groans was a bit of muttering and some slapping noises. I think it was Slapping of the Backside. I ran out of there in a hurry.

After lunch, I'm in the cubicle again when another person comes in and proceeds to make a Huge Whooshing Fart. A very airy one. I ran out of there in a hurry too. Might be the same culprit, who knows?

Everyone, please, just be courteous and try to hold the gross noises till you know the toilet is empty...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Sitting, sitting, sitting here freezing is all I do all day, every day, any day.

And now a medical breakthrough: I get headaches just by sitting, sitting and sitting! Or maybe it's logic. HMM... I... oh yeah I'm supposed to google Lego and find out where it's from.

Oh, hey, remember the maid at my office who was stalking me? Well, it seems we're friends now because we just had a nice little chat in the toilet. Yeah, we bitched about how it rains every day and how it's so susah for her to go home because she has to wait for the bus. Mmm.

...yeah... it's now 3 hours later and I still dunno where Lego is from. *Some* disorganised people have just come to mess up my evening. I'm now in such a pissed mood I'll end this post here.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A year ago today

As I sit here today feeling stagnant and useless in my office, my mind goes back to a year ago today.

A year ago today, I was excited and busy preparing and packing to leave the next day for my 9 week holiday in England with Grandpa G. How long ago it seems and yet it feels like last month. When I'm with Grandpa G it feels like time goes all wonky; long seems short and short seems long and then time seems to stand still.

Now, one year after, I'm still sorting out those holiday photos to print and feeling the opposite of excited. Okay, maybe there is a little spark of excitement deep down, knowing what I have planned for the future. It's a little scary but I think it'll turn out just peachy.

Now, at this second, looking out of the full-length office windows, I see an impending storm. Sucks!