Thursday, September 06, 2007

Do I enjoy my work?

I sometimes get asked if I enjoy my work.

My answer is usually a simple "Yeah". But really, it does take some thinking about. Do I really enjoy it? I've experienced some bad times and there are also certain aspects of it I love.

Some people don't realise how much goes into running your own studio. See, I have to be everyone rolled into one. By everyone, I mean, everyone in your typical office. Being a designer is just slightly more than half of what I have to be. I gotta service clients, manage finances going in and out, sort out office appliances and check supplies as well. Oh, and be the canteen lady too. Luckily I don't have to clean the toilets. Got someone coming in for THAT hehe.

So when people ask if I enjoy doing what I do... yeah, I enjoy designing. That's the hard part, really. Aside from finding new clients, it's bloody difficult to come up with fresh ideas to use. And I find that working in an agency or design firm tends to make you comfortable and lazy. Well it does for me, anyway. In my own studio, everything comes back to me. Credit for my design and every single sen that comes along with it. And so that pushes me to be more creative, while also making my clients happy hopefully! Win-Win.

Bad clients? Not worth thinking about. Just makes my blood boil and I'd rather think of nicer things, like when I get a completely free hand to do what I like.

I don't understand... why do people think they can advise designers on their area of expertise when they wouldn't advise a lawyer, dentist, construction worker or WHOEVER on their respective fields? If you can bloody design, why don't you be a bloody designer yourself instead of hiring me?

I'm attaching a neat comic strip sent to me by a fellow designer which illustrates one of the things we have to face in daily life.

And yes, I do enjoy my work. But I don't care if you know that. Just give me some respect for doing this all on my own.


kelvin ( lapsap? ) said...

You go all the way out to design your toilet, and yet you leave the most sacred part of cleaning that thing ... to some stranger ?

It's like going online surfing for some recipies, and then go to the supermarket to hunt down the ingredients, then spend hours in the kitchen trying to get the mixture right, finally throw it into the oven to let it bake. When it's all said and done you don't get to taste any of it but gave it away to someone to whack it down.

Be proud of it , lady !

- t ! m s t [o] n e - said...

this post didn't just suddenly pop up because i was ranting during coffee was it? :p