Thursday, October 05, 2006

Malaysian Men!

The men here will be the death of all! They think the world belongs to them, oh they don't know how wrong they are.

Maybe you aren't one of them, but well, I nearly knocked one down today because of his stupidity and arrogance!

There he goes strolling across the busy street in front of my office. Does he not have two eyes? Does he not have a neck that he can turn to look for cars? Oh, apparently he does, because he used his neck to turn to me and his eyes to glare at me, the insolent girl who DARED to come so close to his precious, "i make the world a better place" body. What utter rubbish.

So after I nearly knock him down, my car has stopped in the middle of the road. I wave a "sorry" to him cuz naturally I didn't mean to give him a scare. But oh do I so regret it! He just looks at me with that stupid face and continues strolling across. This uglily tanned, fat ass dares to think that the world revolves around him? What happened to your upcoming joyous religious celebration on the 24th? Oh, right, maybe I'm not supposed to stress you out while you fast, is that it? Damn! Just pay attention on the road! And it wouldn't hurt your silly face to be polite once in a while. I hope your glaring eyes itch for the rest of the day, idiot!

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