Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rome again

I think the Top 3 of Rome for me would be :

  1. Handsome Italian guys
  2. Amazingly delicious and really cheap roadside pizza
  3. Like-no-other gelato

Full denim outfits again!

Me and G at Piazza Navona

Amazing amazing amazing... gelato...

This huge hulk of a building is not a church, not a museum, not a place, not a court of justice... it is a monument. The Vittorio Emmanuel monument... it kinda beats our Tugu Negara, don't you think?

You may recognise the next 3 pictures if you watched MI:3 - this... is... The Vatican. And that's St Peter's Basilica.

Look how many people there are!!!!! But amazingly it took less than an hour to get in (probably woulda been faster without irritating Italians and Frenchies cutting the queue).

In MI:3, this is just further up the road where the designated driver (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) pretends to have engine trouble on his... was it DHL truck?

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