Monday, May 22, 2006

Arrivederci Roma

More, more, MORE pix of Roma!

Check out the SIZE of the Pantheon's columns compared to the itty bitty people!

That's a peek to the side of the Pantheon. It's basically a ginormous circular hall.

Me & G at the side of the Pantheon.

Caricatura at the Campo de' Fiori - this special one comes with cigarette ash on your extra large nose. Worth it, I say!

Kids playing near the fountain at the "Field of Flowers".

The square is lined with these al fresco dining areas charging exorbitant prices, but which serve food that's surprisingly good for a tourist area.

You can tell they ain't no Romans by the ugly backpack and lousy dressing...

...maybe they should think about getting a designer handbag or two from these guys... these two Romans stop dissing them...

...and all this theatre being watched by two guys in a balcony seat.

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