Monday, May 15, 2006

Pictures pictures pictures! And where's my Flooble??

Okay I know it's been gone for quite a while... how sad! They shut me down cuz not enough people were writing things in it so they thought it wasn't in use anymore. Looks like you guys will have to post comments now instead. Hah - like you will! You people just take and take and never give back!

Here - take some more pictures of mine then!!

Goofin around at the Market Drayton canal

At Birmingham's coolest place - The Mailbox

On another note, I just poured myself a glass of ice lemon tea from the hugest carton... ever! It was 2 litres! Even Pepsi and Coke bottles are only 1.5 litres. And this was a paper carton! I'd take a picture of it for you guys but... I'm just too lazy.

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos...