Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Style Profile: Me

Wokay, so I haven't been featured on The Sartorialist or run a fashion blog, but I just love interviews because they summarise someone of interest in just a few words. I think it's also great for me to answer interview questions to learn more about myself - things that we never have time to sit down and discover.

I stole the questions from The Sartorialist *ahem*. Can general questions be copyrighted?


First job?

I think it was at Coffee Bean Mid Valley during the semester break of my IT studies.

Current profession?

Graphic designer. I love the term, but I think it has such a dependent tone to it, unlike other creative titles like 'writer' or 'painter'. Still, I wouldn't want to be anything other than a graphic designer. I can't see myself being happy doing anything else. Except maybe a bookstore owner :s

Who has influenced your design style?

I'm so embarrassed to admit that I don't know many designers by their work, but by name and reputation. I see work as work and designers as people. I come across lots of studio work that I love and that inspire me. I really admire Bibliotheque in UK and Happycentro in Italy. And as for people, I really connected with Michael Bierut of Pentagram after reading an interview with him. That's how individual designers become my favourite people - by their characters rather than their work.

Who has influenced your fashion?

I like a more grown-up Alexa Chung style. I also love aristocratic English style - tweed, hunting attire, ruffles and sharp tailoring. Kirsten Dunst's style and a touch of the Olsen twins also inspire me.

How has your style evolved over the past 5 years?

I think I'm a bit more put-together and am able to tame the adventurous side better than in the past.

Athletics? Hobbies?

Ballet, because I like the discipline and beauty and strength involved. And because nobody knows how hard it really is. My hobbies are computer games and reading.

Never caught wearing?

A scrunchie.

What are your go-to wardrobe staples?

Shapeless but textured sweaters and dresses. This cotton black dress (above) seems to crop up a lot in my pictures.

Which shops could you spend the whole day in?

Bookshops and supermarkets. Vintage shops.

What do you wear when traveling?

The same as usual, but I tend to be a bit more experimental and regret it later.

Most visually inspiring place you’ve been?

Scotland - Edinburgh and the mountains. Probably Lapland once I have been there to see the northern lights.

Do you cherish any particular heirloom pieces?

Do I have any? It would have been cheongsams from my grandmother if we were the same shape and size.

Most memorable gift?

Maxi the mini, from my mother is one. Agatha, the golden goblin fairy, from my stepdad (or was it mum?) is another.

Most stylish movie?

Most recently, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. And next up, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I don't remember older movies very well.

How have you surprised yourself recently?

Maybe... by spending a big chunk of money on a piano for myself. I never spend big chunks of money.

What do you never consider an indulgence?

Buying design books, Agatha Christies and Neil Gaimans.

Most important style advice you’ve received?  

Must be something from my sister, although I don't remember any at the top of my head now.

What do you feel most powerful wearing?

Thin, womanly heels in patent nude or leopard print.

Sartorial rule you never follow?

I don't know any sartorial rules. I just try not to look boring. Baby tee and jeans? I'd rather wear a clown suit out. Heh.

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frachely said...

OMG baby tees and jeans LOL brings back the memory lol everyone was wearing it back then! haha