Monday, January 16, 2012

Home-cooked Greek food

It's always great when friends or friends' parents are cooks and love cooking. This is what happened with Super Harry when we met up for drinks on Saturday. Got to talking about Greek restaurants and food, and next thing we know, he's on the phone with his dad asking if he wouldn't mind cooking for us the next night.

That is how Schrobbenmaster, Yelleh Belleh and I were treated to a wonderful home-cooked meal of Greek food :D

I have the worst knowledge in the world of Greek food - this is only the third time I'm having it (second time in Super Harry's house). And I'm pretty sure they sniggered politely when I asked if this was moussaka:

No, Super Harry says, it's lasagna, Greek-style.

I'm not a 'meat in slabs and chunks' fan, but the yellow dish in the centre there was super awesome. Pork and potatoes.

Then of course there was feta cheese and olives with homemade bread. There was some discussion as to whether this particular feta was made with only sheep's milk or half sheep and half goat. I found it a tad sour ("... maybe the milk isn't good anymore!" says Super Harry's dad *ahem, worried*), but I really liked the homemade bread.

Best part of any meal is the dessert, in my opinion. And desserts from Super Harry's mum NEVER fail. She's beginning to cement her reputation in my head that she is an infallible dessert maker. The white 'pau' looking ones are crumbly biscuity almondy cookies and the brown earthquake looking ones are crumbly soft fudgy chocolatey cookies. Heavenly food!

It was pretty amazing how at that one table, we had about four languages being spoken - Greek, Dutch, English and Malay. And a Greek news channel playing in the background. The world is indeed small and yet so big. Love it :)

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