Thursday, January 06, 2011

My purse cries tears of snakeskin and metal

Sigh sigh sigh, I've taken a few pictures for the blog, but someone needs to invent a more convenient way to transfer photos from cameras or phones to the computer! Maybe something like Bluetooth in a camera. Just access it through 2 clicks on a computer, without having to either attach cables or remove the memory card and stick it in the computer.

Anyway, I'll write about past interesting events when I have photos to accompany the stories. For now, all I can say is that the house is really quiet because Schrobbenmaster is off to Bangkok on his own. Why didn't I follow him? Because I don't really fancy Bangkok. Don't ask me why I don't, I don't have a particular reason, it just didn't pull me in like other places have done. Well, except for the awesome Green Curry Chicken with Indian Pancake at Wave Place. That is the most awesome green curry ever.

Yesterday, Schrobbenmaster and I were at Bangsar to pick up my stupendously expensive new spectacles. My previous ones are about 5 years old, so I thought perhaps it would be nice to have a new pair. Think again, JY! I'm gonna use these for the next 10 years!

The lesson I learnt is: Just because you haven't heard of the brand, doesn't mean it's not known.

This particular brand is called Lindberg and is from Denmark. They are amazingly light and minimalistic and cool and... and... all that... well, I just really have to make myself feel better by telling myself how much use I'll get out of them over the next 10 years.

(If you visit their website, you could be forgiven for thinking that they're just some nerdy, glasses manufacturer, but let me just point you in the direction that these glasses are way more expensive than the Prada ones I tried on as well)

Since we were in Bangsar, we just strolled around BV I and II and stumbled into a store called thirtyfour. Oh, woe betide my purse, for I fell in love with their snakeskin cuffs!

And after pondering for the entire dinner at Chatterbox, I finally bought one.

In case you're wondering why I have a picture of my cuff so quickly when I don't have any of New Year's, it's because I took the easy way out and took a photo with my iMac.

Thirtyfour is a bunch of Malaysian designers and smithers who are trained in industrial, metalsmithing and all sorts of other design fields. It's really interesting, so go visit their website.

The founder, I believe, is the one who went to Parsons in New York where she studied metalsmithing, after which she opened thirtyfour there and consequently in Berlin and Singapore. After a few years, she decided Malaysians were finally ready for such sophistication and opened a store in Bangsar Village II in November. This is the story I got from the two shop assistants.

I'm really glad I found it! I love the sophisticated yet tough look of the accessories (not lovin' the sharp chunkiness of the bags as much though, but to each his own).

So go visit if you're in the mood to support Malaysian stuff that is not boringly traditional or berkualiti.

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