Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas decorations for 2010 (a little late...)

I finally dug out the cable for my camera because I went touristing today, after so long, and I really need these photos.

Back in KL, I picked up a local design magazine called Cut Out, and when I saw that they have a section where they display photos from abroad, I contacted the editor offering to take photos from NL. She was enthusiastic about it and promptly told me to go ahead, adding that I wouldn't be paid for it.

No problem, it's nice taking photos and contributing to a magazine.

Hence the need to extract some photos from my camera. And the point is now hitting home that I have quite a shitty camera :( That's not gonna be so nice for my advent into the contributing-to-magazines world!

Anyway, to clear out some of the previously taken photos, ta-da!

Pim is now banned from sleeping in this bed (and even a new bed that we bought for him) because he keeps bloody peeing in them!

I bought a nativity set from De Bijenkorf for Christmas last year. I've always liked wooden ornaments and toys, and these are so cute!

And to complete the festive look, I bought starry lights and Schrobbenmaster (because he's tall) draped them on our lamp.

Signing off for now, because I need to make some dinner, but coming soon are photos from my trip to the Maritiem Museum with CaroBrasilia (yes, she's from Brazil).

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elleLee said...

Your decor is so cute! Pim cuter though hee hee.