Friday, October 08, 2010

Making my mark in Rotterdam

So here it is, I'm starting to make my mark on this little city of Rotterdam!

(I say 'little' because we checked the other day and Rotterdam has approximately 600,000 people, whereas KL has approximately 4 million. Everyone says it's only because all the other little towns and cities want to be independent and refuse to be sucked into one of the 4 randstad - Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Rotterdam is the second most populated city in NL btw.)

Anyways, back from that little educational minute...

These are my boxes!

Well, they are following the KPN house style to a point, but the marketing material for the Pink Ribbon campaign by KPN has been pretty much done by us, ie. me. Can't be too crazy and I do get strict instructions on what to do, but it's still pretty exciting to see my stuff all printed out and in the shops!

And this is the shopfront with my boxes at the entrance. Niiiiiiiice. Now people will glance at these boxes and it won't even register in their little heads, but they will see MY WORK.



Melissa Chan said...

It is always exciting to see you own work in public isn't it? That little thrill when you go...oh look I did that!!!

Especially if it's something done and published outside of Malaysia...that you have 'an audience'...that nice feeling of people seeing your work (even though they don't know it's your work, but's just a nice secret feeling!)


shoobaba said...

It is! :D

frachely said...

Ooo The Phone House looks familiar