Tuesday, October 05, 2010

An expat's shopping trolley and the Rotterdam pancake boat!

About once a month or two months, Schrobbenmaster and I drop by the Wah Nam Hong Superstore in Amsterdam to get our stock of Asian groceries.

There is also a Wah Nam Hong supermarket in Rotterdam, but check out the size of this warehouse!!! We actually buy our Indomie in those big cardboard boxes. We brought home 3 boxes of noodles that day, 3 boxes of Mountain Dew, 7 cartons of soya bean and 2 Milo tins (Milo is really expensive here).

Then we keep them in our basement like it's our little minimarket. There's the Mountain Dew on the left corner.

Anyway, some weeks ago, when it was still nice and summery (actually today and yesterday were really awesome, incredibly summery days in autumn. Very weird! But very great since it was Schrobbenmaster's birthday on October 3rd. Happy Birthday, Schrobbenmaster!!)... okay I've digressed a lot, let me begin again.

We went on a pancake boat in Rotterdam where you can eat an unlimited number of pancakes while on the cruise. We went for the 1-hour cruise up and down the river Maas and I only managed to fit in three pancakes.

Carolina and an angry man behind her. Probably didn't wanna come out with all the kids today and skip his golf.

A Chinese-looking building which is actually a boat with a hotel and restaurant. It doesn't look as awesome as it sounds though. Looks rundown.

It was finally time to stand in line for the pancakes! You can choose a plain pancake or a bacon pancake.

Then you walk over to the buffet table...

Where there are loads of savoury or sweet toppings for you to choose from! Yum yum yum...

My first pancake is with bacon, cheese and egg. And stroop. Absolutely lekker!

After that I had just plain with icing sugar, which was incredibly tricky because of all the wind blowing the icing sugar away while I was shaking it onto my pancake. Then with under 10 minutes of sailing time left, I raced down to get one more pancake with chocolate ice cream. Had to wolf it down, but completely worth it!

Now for some random shots (again) of Pim, this time doing what he does best - hunting insects in the summer.

He had been chasing a moth all over the room and now it was hiding in a small space where Pim couldn't reach.

In a different small space that Pim can't reach.

For the grand finale, watch as he goes in for the kill! Do watch, it's really funny :D


frachely said...

Pim the hunter *rawrrrrrs

The pancake boat sounds nice and by that I mean the unlimited-pancake part nyehehe

Mumsy said...

why didnt u take us to the pancake boat :(

shoobaba said...

I think I remember mentioning it! Anyway, there's always next time. Can't do everything in one go, then you'll be bored :D