Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What happens before sleep?

I have to write a hurried post because I'm trying to sleep before midnight tonight. The tradition for Schrobbenmaster and I is to watch a light British comedy (currently That Mitchell and Web Look) or awesome motoring show (Top Gear) or sometimes even a mild action show (Human Target or Flash Point). We try to keep to half hour shows (The Simpsons, IT Crowd), but even then, after all the face-washing, teeth-brushing, water-drinking and cat-feeding, we end up sleeping past midnight. Which, of course, makes it hellish to get up for work the next day.

It's been extremely busy at work since last week. As I'm the only designer in the office, everything falls on my shoulders. Sometimes it's nice, as I pretty much control every design that goes out, but at the worst times, I have to slave away at Photoshop, putting a necklace and a phone together into one picture. True story. Happened for one necklace with many phones, took up the entire day.

Some good news is that Schrobbenmaster and I have been talking about our business plan for Goodputty. Haven't got a solid plan, but things are sounding good. I've even started a Twitter account for Goodputty, to 'force' myself to keep updating its portfolio and keep the business active. Please follow :)

I have some cool stuff for a bit later on in this blog. I've been working on, among other things, a poster for our current client at the ad agency I work at. This poster began all the way back in... was it May? Definitely by June. And 2 months later, if not more, it's not finalised yet. There are many versions of it, usually just by a few tweaks, and I would really like to display them as a kind of exhibition on how "particular" *ahem* clients can be.

In the meantime, I've just got my nose to the grind and now it's time for bed yet again.

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