Monday, August 09, 2010

Just pitter pattering about... Starcraft II and spending money!

Since July 27th, I've been busy playing Starcraft II with Schrobbenmaster every weekend (and after dinner on weekdays if we have the time and energy). It's great! I played the original Starcraft while I was still in university - that would be kinda 10 years ago now - and I loved it. I'm so glad they spent the time and money to make the second part as great as it is. I really couldn't ask for more.

This weekend has been really cosy. It's just after payday, so we went out to do some errands on Friday night, which is koopavond (buying evening) in Rotterdam, meaning shops are open till 21:00 *shock horror wheeze*, instead of until 18:00.

I just checked my bank balance and I can't believe how little I have!! I thought I'd have more savings this month since I'm not travelling and don't have any guests, but what the... I have less than €1k now. I did buy two tickets to watch Boom Chicago, supposedly a hilarious American comedy show about life in NL. I got the Burger Deal, which sounds awesome... a show and a burger dinner :P Apart from that, another expensive buy was a layout design textbook (I'd better learn some useful stuff from it!!!) and a new ballet leotard (which I really did need, as my previous black leotard, bought some 5 years ago, is now greyish at sweaty areas).

At least I've set aside a few hundred in a newly created savings account, which should earn me interest in the next few months. That's money that will work for me!! If only I was more savvy in investing, I could do so much more.

Now, after seeing my bank balance, I'm not so sure if I want to take archery lessons next week. I was planning to because I've always loved the idea of being able to do it. I did some recreational archer-ing (?) many years ago and loved it. And when I came here and found out that people apparently only make friends in sporting and hobby clubs, I decided to look for an archery school/club. Found one where the trainers are willing to try their hand at teaching in English (which is really nice of them and makes me want to go even more), but I'm wondering if I should be saving that money instead (I can already hear Mumsy Bumsy telling me to do exactly that).

Anyway, it's late now and it's time to cook some dinner and hopefully some Starcraft II after? What say you, Schrobbenmaster? :D


Rik van der Kroon said...

Sorry, no SC2 after dinner. Ended up watching Edge of Darkness, bit mediocre but entertaining Mel Gibson thriller.

Mumsy said...

yea save the money less clothes, shoes, and go archery