Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Response to my post about living in NL

A few weeks ago, I published a post on the 10 things I like about living in NL and the 10 things I don't. I got a response from Schrobbenmaster on each point.

Here they are... with my own responses in bold.

Things I like about living in NL.

  1. I have a stable job and I'm still a designer --- But not as free as in MY
  2. I'm earning in euros --- But spending in Euros as well
  3. We have a car that we don't have to pay for --- But you have to travel longer to work
  4. Pretty flowers in summer on the balcony --- But in winter everything is dead
  5. I have the opportunity to learn a foreign language and culture --- Which takes too much time you don't have
  6. People are (mostly) friendly and speak English --- But they rather speak Dutch and be not friendly
  7. Cleaner air and water --- But more expensive to buy water in shops
  8. I can travel around Europe more easily --- But harder to travel in Asia
  9. Cleaner public toilets --- But you have to pay, and there are less public toilets
  10. Super fast internet --- Internet to Malaysian sites is still really slow
Then again, maybe I haven't complained enough...

Things I don't like about living in NL.
    1. It's too bloody cold to shower for half the year --- But its a nice feeling to warm up under the shower --- Me: The shower has to end some time.
    2. Things and places are older and less modern-equipped --- Which gives it a more cosy feeling --- Me: Really? REALLY?
    3. I feel so pressured to speak Dutch --- But you can speak English to almost anyone
    4. Can't see my family, friends or my dogs --- But you can see me!
    5. Food is only half as good and not cheap --- The Western brands in Malaysia are more expensive than here --- Me: I'd rather have more choice and variety. And flavour.
    6. Moviegoing and other Malaysian "necessities" are expensive --- But downloading films is fast and free
    7. The Dutch selfishness, masked as "individualism" --- At least no peer pressure for being in a group
    8. No good mix drinks in clubs --- But a wider selection for beers, quicker service and cheaper --- Me: Cheaper only for beers.
    9. I can't buy books or magazines in English - small selection + very expensive --- But a more free media environment in NL and much more in Dutch. --- Me: Because  I love reading in Dutch, right?
    10. Less variety of affordable boutiques (ie. no Telawi) --- But cheaper A-brand (especially when earning Euros) and better quality

    On the bright side, every day gets a little better.


    melissa chan said...

    I can't help laughing at Rik's comments...most of what he says, I agree. But then again, nothing is ever perfect!

    KL may be great (if you have a supportive family and have financial security) but at the end of the day...we all know we are never really true Malaysian 'citizens'. We are supposedly 'citizens' on paper, but not in reality and in truth.

    But seriously, KL seems to be getting worse in terms of being a civilized place to live. Yes, we have all these modern infrastructures, but it seems everyday the 'mentality' over here, has degraded (more and more)...I think when you come back here for a holiday you'll know what I mean. You don't want to read the papers, and you don't even want to drive because every corner you'll meet someone who will just piss you off (inconsiderate drivers, mindless people...and so on).

    melissa chan said...


    I had a conversation with my former boss a few months back (an Englishman expat living in KL) and he dislikes the mentality here...and I agree with him especially when he said, living here long enough you eventually may turn into someone you don't want to be (inconsiderate, mindless, rude and uncivilized), in order to survive and continue living.

    I certainly don't want to become like that!

    frachely said...

    haha i like his answer to your 10 things u like abt NL nyehehe