Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eye Candy!

I'd been feeling pretty overloaded with work for the past three weeks because since I came back from the UK, Slavedriver has been tossing pretty much all his work my way. So I've had to meet and learn up everything on his clients - which I had no time for, because I had to finish projects that had already started and start on new ones I knew nothing about!

So, yes, pretty stressed :(

But earlier this week I finally caught up with Slavedriver at the office, and he gave me a run-through of some things I was working on. Now I don't feel quite as lost as I did, and talking to him kind of motivated me because I needed someone to tell me that, YES, I could do this work. I guess he kinda threw me the life jacket I needed.

Another perk this week was... Hunky Jap Guy.

He works in the office of one of my clients. I'd seen him twice before but first time was just a 'Hi', and second time was when he asked if I was leaving and opened the front door for me. Naturally, I'd already noticed that there was this hunky dude sitting in the corner, but as I had no work to do with him, we never really talked.

But this Monday... he opened the door for me again (these office doors always gotta be opened by some electronic magnetic thing) and we spoke a bit more about being late for meetings (not my fault, my watch was 10 minutes slow, and I'd even arrived 10 minutes early by my reckoning). Okay, so there was a third guy there too, some local uncle-type person I'm working with on this project, but he's pretty negligible, right?

So I'm pretty thrilled that I finally am on speaking terms with Hunky Jap Guy. It's just so hard to find real, live, male eye candy in KL. And boy is he eye candy :P I wonder when my next meeting is?

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elleLee said...

i wanna see hunky jap guy!
speaking of jap guys the tennis instructor seriously keeps looking at me. maybe it's his way of getting more customers.