Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fascinating Food

The UK has an amazing food phenomenon - the ready-made meal. You just drop by a supermarket, pick a frozen pack of Chicken Madras, Spaghetti Carbonara, Chinese Fried Rice, whatever you like (and often 2 for 1), bring it home, chuck it in the oven for 4 minutes and it comes out amazing. I mean it. It tastes really good.

But, as always, things go in circles, and the return of the "fresh local farmer's food" seems to be at our doorstep.

One such place which sells really cool farmer's produce is in Whitchurch, where we stopped by one day to get some food for dinner (and ended up buying loads of freshly made food, one of the best-tasting being the tomato and mozzarella meatball).

Tell me, will you ever see an onion this size in a KL supermarket?

No kidding, actual size. And don't you just love those little handwritten tags? Well, I do, anyway.

But wait a minute, Malaysia has its special food too. Mumsy Bumsy and I were in the kitchen. She was slicing a papaya and I was pottering about doing nothing as usual. What's special about that?

Check it out.

We considered putting it up on eBay for a fortune, but I guess common sense took over and we just ate the special little thing.

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