Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Thoughts on my name

This blog has had over 5500 visits in a matter of 7 months - and only 3 visitors actually come here purely for my ramblings. Haha...

You know why I have so many visits then? I just checked out some of my stats the other day and I realised that it's the BOOBS that has 'em rollin' in!! Haha!

I was thinking of changing my blog name to something of a Masochistic feel, but I realised it'd sound like those depressing blogs that aren't really depressing, but because it has a title like "The Revelation of the Philosophical Epiphanies of the Sadistic Virgins", it just puts the readers in a rather black mood and I dare say (my favourite phrase of the moment - "I dare say") that even though my blog is not depressing, it would put a whole damper on the reader's mood while reading my blog.

Did anyone understand the previous paragraph? I so totally didn't. I just know what I meant because I know what I mean, but I don't know what those words above mean.

Oh gosh. The Ramblings of a Masochistic Piggy.

Hahahaha... Oh... back to work.

Oh my... I DO sound like those sad, depressing blogs! NOOOOOO HELP ME!!!

Okay okay... well I did get a cheque today for RM1000... WOOHOO!! It can all add up to my Travelling Fund. So happy!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Positive thots create positive people - happier ppl too. In everything proclaim blessings, not bad news, but things that edify people and lift them up. So u're right - stay positive - everyone loves a person who is positive and happy...