Monday, November 28, 2011

Melting in KL, but not itching to be back in NL

Wowowowow, it's been so hot here in Kuala Lumpur the past week!

My relatives (on my mother's side) were just over for a dinner gathering to see me before I head back to Rotterdam. It was nice and cosy, and the local food was good. I had fried meehoon and a packet of nasi lemak (and one more sitting right next to the MacBook ready to be sacrificed as supper).

Poor Schrobbenmaster has fallen sick, though. He's been having bad headaches the past few days, and woke up this morning with a really high temperature. We drove him to the clinic immediately and got him some meds. After a whole afternoon and evening of sleep, his temperature is back down and he feels almost normal. What a relief! The doctor had said that if the fever didn't subside within two days, he'd have to go back for tests to see if it's H1N1 *horror and gasp* because this influenza is returning to our lives via tourists from Bangkok and Singapore. Bangkok is just nothing but trouble! I pity the people who live there who have to go through such shit almost all year round.

Anyway, we return to NL in five days, which is all too short. I'll be really sad to go back and leave my family. It's been nice to be back in KL, although I've found some things to have gotten worse, for example, the condition of the roads and the price of things in Bangsar. Fortunately, there are still friendly people around to make things okay again.

And my dogs! How great to be back with them and being around animals who express what they feel and think. Haha. I do love having Pim around, but sometimes it just feels like I'm talking to a brick wall.

What's there to look forward to when I go back? Some Christmas dinners coming up and a New Year's party that we're hosting in our apartment. It should be good!

And hopefully news that friends or family from KL will be coming over to visit. That always makes my days much brighter in anticipation.

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