Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back in Kuala Lumpur!

I'm back in KL!

Okay, okay, I've been back for just over a week now, but I've been enjoying the offline-ness so much that I decided to embrace it and make it last for as long as possible.

So what made me decide to come back? I dunno, guess I saw this Macbook lying around so lonely and saying to me: "Don't you like me anymore?". Well, Macbook... I never even used you before, so how can I 'not like you anymore'?


I'm staying in my sister's room for the stay. It used to be our old room when I was in my teens, then when my parents moved out, I made this place my 'bachelor pad' and this room was my office. I loved it loads. And now that I'm living in NL, my mum has moved back in with my sister.

Here's the view from the room.

It's really nice looking out at night when all the lights are turned on.

And this is the rest of the room and me.

My sister has this cool dressing "table" which is actually a tall chest of drawers. It looks kinda gothic with the ornate doll stuff and a dark grey skull.

Since arriving in KL, I haven't done anything noteworthy. I just wanted to chill out, shop and have coffee. I was at The Curve one afternoon and saw this beautiful long evening gown. I never wear evening gowns, but the price was so good and I never owned one before, so I thought it might be a good investment.

My mum bought it for me and soon after, I remembered that I have a wedding to attend in a few days' time where I could wear the dress to. So I was super excited. Of course, not being a good formalwear planner, I had brought nothing with me in terms of accessories or shoes. So I now have to buy everything to wear for this wedding. Luckily, cheap things can be found here if you know where to look.

I also bought a cute black wool hat in preparation for going back to NL's winter. I think I look a little Japanese in it, but that's not really a bad thing, is it?

Ta da for now... I'm off to have dinner at a mamak. One of the little pleasures in life that we take for granted :)

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