Thursday, September 22, 2011

PHOTOS: Churros, cathedrals and guys with red pants in Madrid

These are the last batch of Madrid photos - *collective sounds of disappointment from the crowd* - but not to fret, I have lots of other photos lined up for the coming weeks, if I've not had a major work-related meltdown by that time.

So let's enjoy the sun once more...

Just some pretty pictures of Spanish architecture.

On the second (and final) night I was there, we went back to Chueca, to the same street we ate at the night before and tried a different restaurant. It was way more expensive, with almost fine dining type meals but in a cosy atmosphere. They didn't have what I wanted, so the waiter recommended a weird-sounding dish. Turned out to be half-boiled eggs with croutons and truffles. It was really delicious!

I told Baker Jo I couldn't leave without having 1. tapas, 2. churros, 3. sangria.

So on Sunday morning, we went to the bakery opposite her hotel again and had churros with the thickest chocolate ever (frachely, you will be speechless with delight) for only € 3,50. The churros was light and not at all oily like you get in other countries, and the chocolate was so thick that we had to leave half of our cups full :( Take that, WIP. Hey Mumsy Bumsy, I hope they make their chocolate sauce thick by the time I get back to KL.

Then we went to do some cultural sightseeing. Heading towards the church at the bottom of the street there.

One of the most.beautiful.churches.ever.

I can hardly agree with protestants with their "we should be humble and we don't need distractions like beautiful paintings and sculptures to worship God" when I see places like this. I think beauty and majesty like this makes me feel even more religious and in awe of man's humble efforts to portray the heavens. It makes me feel that if I'm calling this beautiful, the real thing is going to be beyond anything we can ever imagine.

The grandeur of the whole space makes me feel more honoured to be in there and to know that I'm welcome at any time.

I feel so tiny and humble under those huge sculptures of the saints.

Perfect place for meditation and prayer. All around the circular hall there are around 8 of these little chapels surrounding the main congregational area.

And on to more friendly and down-to-earth places. I found this kinda cute, I don't know about you.

Wanted a photo of something saying 'Madrid'.

I like what the guy with the red pants was wearing. The whole outfit looked super cool. And this angle doesn't do anything for his butt, but I'm pretty sure he looked alright in real life.

Look. Then look again.

Okay I'm off to the Spar supermarket now. I haven't mentioned that the Spar bakery is actually surprisingly good! I've tried their chocolate cake, cookies and plain rolls and croissants and they're all so nice. Give it a try if you feel curious!

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frachely said...

haha actually no, I didn't like it! Too thick for my liking :P I asked for hot choco and they gave me that. Then somebody forced me to finish it *pukes

I'd say it's too thick for drinking purpose but not sweet enough as churros dip (at least the one I had)