Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mostly about Asian food. And a bit of misery.

Let's just pretend that I didn't promise to post photos 'tomorrow', or maybe we can pretend that 'tomorrow' is today.

I need to take a break from work. I've been working since 9.30am this morning (it's 6.30pm now), and for the past two days, I've been working until 10.30pm at the office. There's just too much to finish before the festival starts, and I keep getting people asking for their items "now", "now" and "now". It's amazing I haven't collapsed yet, but I'm a strong gal, I am.

The upside to working so late in the office is that I get to order food delivered to the office. I go to Just Eat, which has a list of restaurants that deliver to the area. It's really convenient, and the list of restaurants that deliver to my office is waaaaay better than the list to my own home.

So on Monday, I decided I was really into Chinese food. Since Schrobbenmaster was eating with me, I kinda went a little wild with the dishes. I ordered spring rolls, char siew, pork fritters, foo yong hai and ma po tofu. Every time I type the names of those dishes, I have to remember not to spell it the Dutch way, the way I read it on all the menus.

Needless to say, it was yummy. And I have leftovers (lots), which I will eat tonight.

Then on Tuesday, I didn't expect to work late, but unfortunately, I had to. I even had to miss my ballet class, so I thought, well, if I'm gonna have to miss my ballet, I'm gonna make it worth it by having a nice dinner at the office. So I ordered Japanese.

We only have a € 15 per person budget for food, so as you can imagine, I couldn't order much from a Japanese restaurant. It was enough for me, but not for Schrobbenmaster :( Anyway, the food was really good, and I wouldn't hesitate to order from that place again.

Amongst the tiring amount of work being lumped on me, I have something to be thankful for - that I haven't had to cook since last Wednesday! Last Wednesday, we worked late and I ordered Thai (green curry chicken for me!). Then I think Schrobbenmaster made his sweet chilli chicken for dinner on Thursday. I don't remember what happened on Friday, I think we ate out. On Saturday, Hanselem's parents made us a wonderful Chinese dinner at his place (yummmm!) and on Sunday, Schrobbenmaster's parents came to visit and his mum made a simple chicken dinner. Then of course, there was the Monday and Tuesday which I just wrote about.

I love it when I don't have to cook. I never had to cook in KL - only simple pasta or noodle dishes. I love comfort food and I can eat the same thing all the time if I had to. Plus, I also had the option of eating top notch food from any of Mumsy Bumsy's restaurants.

I was missing KL so much last night. I was telling a friend that I go to work by car, and that the journey takes an hour. And I said, "I can't believe I work so far from where I live". Then, "I can't believe I used to work where I lived!". And followed by, "I think my life has somewhat gotten worse since I moved here..."

Sure, I have a nice apartment and I earn in euros (blablabla... I also get taxed an insane percentage). But I used to eat first-rate food in any restaurant in KL, and also delicious cheap food on the streets. I used to work at home every day and had the freedom to do whatever I wanted, any time of the day... I used to have my own company and had a goal: to make the name of Goodputty known.

But all that personal career growth is stagnant now. No one I know has any projects for me and I have to work extra hard to start a network here. No one knows me and it's so much harder when you haven't lived in a certain place for several years. You only know basically a handful of people. More importantly, they don't know you. Why should they trust you with their brand or with their project?

I intended this to be a continuation of photos from Madrid, but I think I've written enough for one post. And hey, you can't blame me for feeling the odd moment of homesickness and feeling like I lost something of myself when moving here.

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