Thursday, October 25, 2007

Time for a revamp!

Thought it was time to change my blog's clothes, and what better theme to use than Christmas!

Haven't had enough time (or geek ability) to give it a complete revamp, so I've just changed minor things. They still cheer up my blog quite a bit, I think.


I woke up this morning with aches all over. Even my fingers felt like they were swollen. Hopefully there isn't anything wrong and it's just old age. Haha. Do you realise that the only females who can joke about being old, AREN'T old? You can probably tell what age group a female is in if she can joke about her age.

My dogs are 6 years old this year. I just checked their birth certificates. I always thought they were 5. There's a big difference! It's funny, though... it seems that the older they are, the more energetic they become. I've never seen Foxy prance and bound about as much as she's done all year. Max still seems the same. Maybe Foxy's just having doggie menopause. Opposite of human menopause?


I hope the wildfires in California calm down really soon. It's really distressing for the people affected.

Whoa, I'm starting to feel whoozy. I'd better get ready for bed soon. And it's not even 1am yet! I AM getting old.

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