Thursday, October 18, 2007

Full-time straitjacket?

Am having interesting progress work-wise this week.

I haven't mentioned this before, but I was given a job offer a few weeks back, which was pretty tempting in the usual ways (monthly salary, no sourcing for clients, using someone else's more powerful Mac etc!), but pretty discouraging in other ways (being tied to someone else's office, letting them have credit for my work, facing rush hour etc). But on the whole, I was tempted to accept the offer because of the learning experience it would give me. I still have much to learn about designing in print and coming up with creative concepts - and we never ever stop learning - so on that basis, I accepted the job offer soon after it was given to me.

For the past few weeks, there have been salary negotiations - yes, it's taken a while to get to an agreement - but it has been to my advantage in the end. Having spoken to my peers who have their own companies (like me), it's made me rethink my decision about going back to employment status. Plus, talking to them has helped me come up with some sort of strategy to keep a stable monthly income for GOOODPUTTY.

So with that, I'm giving my ex-potential employer a counter-offer that I hope she'll accept, and which is in line with my new strategy :P Am meeting her this weekend, so wish me luck!

Another interesting piece of news is that I'm gonna be offered partner status in another design company I've been attached to on a freelance basis! It seems weird, I know, to be offered a partnership when I have my own company, but we'll see how discussions go pertaining to this.

So that's my work news for now. I think this has been the most open I've been about my current work situation ever. I just wanted to share this experience with others who might be in a similar situation and unsure about how to progress.

My best advice would be to take your time to think EVERY single aspect out. When I first got the job offer, I just ignored the nagging feeling inside me that I would hate being tied to a 9-6 job (in my case, probably longer), and just thought about how it would be nice not to have to look for clients anymore. But now, I know that it's worth it, not only for creative, but for working independence as well.

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