Friday, January 05, 2007

Thank you Astro!

Hooked on the BBC Entertainment series, Judge John Deed.

It's not a reality or talk show like Judge Judy et al, it's an actual 1 1/2 hour long series with a brilliant storyline, great characterisation and awesome acting by Martin Shaw (John Deed). I've only seen 2 episodes but it's got me by the collar and it won't let go :P

Another series I'm starting to get hooked on, embarrassingly, is Waterloo Road, which is *gasp* a soap! This is horrible! And there I was, sniggering at those Cory and Emmerdale freakazoids. Admittedly, Emmerdale is worse than Cory, but only because of the awful accents. Completely hideous.

Thank you Astro - for giving me BBC Entertainment. And lack of sleep because of it.

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