Thursday, January 25, 2007

Oops! They did it again!

The lawlessness of motorcyclists in KL has found new bounds.

This morning I was in my car, waiting at a red light. It turned green and the cars started moving. I was probably about the fifth car in line and just before I passed the traffic light, a motorcyclist comes from another set of red lights slowly, while holding up his hand to signal me to stop - WHILE HE CROSSES RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Do I even have to mention that my light was still green?

What the hell is his problem? There are TOO MANY reasons for me to toot my horn these days and it annoys the living daylights out of me. Yesterday after work, a van cuts into my lane, just milimeters apart from my own car. And he got it. The big HOOOOOOONK.

Back to this morning and I'm just round the corner from my workplace. In front of me is a taxi who's squeezed as near as possible to the left side of the road as he can. And going at 20km/h. Man, the bloody driver may as well get out of the stupid taxi and walk. Then he can at least do his part in saving the environment, even though he IS a taxi driver. KL taxi driver, that is. And yes, you may argue that he was squeezing all the way to the left, but what difference does it make when the lane itself is only 10 inches wide?

Can this situation ever, ever improve? Only if these irresponsible road users cease to exist. And so, what a good idea it would be to put them all in a roundabout, close off the other roads, put up some cameras for live feed, and watch them drive over each other?

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