Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wow! A new experience!

I'm sprawled on my bed now typing this.

I finally did it! I went for my first ballet class! I've always wondered what it was like to be able to do it, and I'm now on my way to a better, stronger, more graceful body. It's an amazing feeling. I'm now half wishing I could stay here longer to study it instead of moving to the UK. But then, this might provide me with a good reason to get a student visa in the UK. I just have to get a good part time course for ballet in Manchester. If anyone reading this has a place in mind, do drop a comment below this post and I'll be really thrilled.

I'll try to get some shots of myself in class next week and put it up here as well as on my official Shoobs Boobs photo blog.

By the way, it's really cool being able to wear ballet slippers and point your toes. If you're a guy, you probably don't understand this, but as a girl, it's just... really cool!

See ya guys soon, please leave some comments if you like - I know people visit this blog because I'M not the one who's racking up numbers of over 12000 visits on my blog counter!

Monday, February 13, 2006

I knew it!!

I knew it!! I finally know where the Memoirs of a Geisha trailer music came from!

When I first saw the trailer last year, I heard the music and I knew instantly that it had come from The Last Samurai but wasn't sure which track. And at the time I was thinking, "What cheats!" I wonder if The Last Samurai soundtrack copyright holders know about this!

Anyway I was just listening to my iPod when the song came up and it was exactly what I thought! They DID take the music from Samurai. What cheats, gosh. At least take it from a Japanese classical track, right? These people just took it straight from another Japanese-inspired film! What a bummer. I wonder who created the trailer?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Chronicles of Narnia NEWS!

This just in!

The next Chronicles of Narnia film will start filming later this year! YAHOO! The next one is Prince Caspian by the way, a brilliant story, which some people may be pleased to know has less of the 4 children than The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. I personally thought the 4 children were incredible though. I hope the actor who plays Prince Caspian is as good, if not better!

A little preview in the next post as soon as I dig my book out!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Which is your favourite Jean?

Vote now!


I've decided to create separate photo blogs for different categories! Here's what I have so far:



I've just created an extension to this blog to store my photos and videos because Blogger is getting too troublesome for uploading pics in my style. I've had to use Yahoo to store my images and resize them according to how I like them, but while surfing around, I discovered a Moblog belonging to Marty Casey and Lovehammers (his new band, how great!), and it looked like a great place to store pics and vids, especially since I'll be traveling a bit more (like I haven't been before!) this year.

So this blog will still store my posts, traffic troubles, news et al, but the other blog will contain my pics/vids. Here's the URL :

Has anyone heard the new song out by Eros Ramazotti and Anastacia? It sounds great and I never knew Eros had such a nice looking face judging by his voice! Haha... I first heard him with Andrea Bocelli in a brilliant song but can't remember the name now. Apparently Eros is a pretty big star in Europe, and judging by the song I heard this morning, I might have a new favourite Italian singer!

Did many of you follow Rockstar: INXS on Channel V? I didn't really follow it while it was going on, but I'm now hooked on the repeats! I actually just caught one episode of the live version and the blonde guy, Marty Casey, immediately intrigued me with his interesting look and brilliant voice. So I was a bit disappointed when I saw that JD Fortune won the search.

And now the more I watch the repeats, the more I like Marty! I did a search on him earlier and found out that he's put together a band, they're called Marty Casey and Lovehammers. Cool, eh??!! And they're the opening act for INXS during their Jan/Feb tour. That's great! They've just been signed on January 2006 and hopefully the album will be in stores here soon.

I think it's great he's got his own band, because he deserves to be the star in his band, and not be drowned by the limelight of INXS!