Thursday, February 02, 2006



I've just created an extension to this blog to store my photos and videos because Blogger is getting too troublesome for uploading pics in my style. I've had to use Yahoo to store my images and resize them according to how I like them, but while surfing around, I discovered a Moblog belonging to Marty Casey and Lovehammers (his new band, how great!), and it looked like a great place to store pics and vids, especially since I'll be traveling a bit more (like I haven't been before!) this year.

So this blog will still store my posts, traffic troubles, news et al, but the other blog will contain my pics/vids. Here's the URL :

Has anyone heard the new song out by Eros Ramazotti and Anastacia? It sounds great and I never knew Eros had such a nice looking face judging by his voice! Haha... I first heard him with Andrea Bocelli in a brilliant song but can't remember the name now. Apparently Eros is a pretty big star in Europe, and judging by the song I heard this morning, I might have a new favourite Italian singer!

Did many of you follow Rockstar: INXS on Channel V? I didn't really follow it while it was going on, but I'm now hooked on the repeats! I actually just caught one episode of the live version and the blonde guy, Marty Casey, immediately intrigued me with his interesting look and brilliant voice. So I was a bit disappointed when I saw that JD Fortune won the search.

And now the more I watch the repeats, the more I like Marty! I did a search on him earlier and found out that he's put together a band, they're called Marty Casey and Lovehammers. Cool, eh??!! And they're the opening act for INXS during their Jan/Feb tour. That's great! They've just been signed on January 2006 and hopefully the album will be in stores here soon.

I think it's great he's got his own band, because he deserves to be the star in his band, and not be drowned by the limelight of INXS!


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