Sunday, December 31, 2006

It's All About The Music

It's frustrating that I can't connect to the site that I upload music to.

So although you can see there on the right that "Familiar Feelings" by Moloko is playing, there is in fact, NO MUSIC PLAYING AT ALL! Yeeeesssss... ye now know TOO much (in the style of that Scottish hotelier dude in Little Britain)!

Talking about music, I bought the new All Saints album, Studio 1 today.

It's less melodious and R&B compared to their last album Saints and Sinners but it's pretty funky. Heard the whole thing 3 times already and cool tracks are Rock Steady (of course), On and On and Fundamental.

I should really be putting those tracks on my blog but hey my connection to the site is down and by the time it's up again I'll probably forget.

So settle with Moloko.

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