Saturday, August 19, 2006

My dogs are the perfect example

I think my two dogs' behaviours are prime indicators of human male and female personalities. Yes, indeedy-doo.

Here's a great example. When I bathe both of them, they display very different characteristics. Foxy, the girl, always sits still and doesn't move, as if she knows that water and shampoo in her eyes will most definitely sting. She also knows that a good and long rubdown with shampoo will make her fur smooth and shiny. And so she sits still. And waits patiently for me to finish.

Then I bring her upstairs to blowdry her fur. She trots dutifully to the drying spot and bravely endures the hot air blowing into her face, knowing that the more I dry and brush her fur, the nicer she will look. Oh, how sweet she is. You start to think it's not so bad bathing a dog.

But wait, I haven't brought Maxi in yet. He is so typically male, it's sometimes cute. And sometimes... the total opposite.

At least these days he trots into the bathroom after me, not like the early days when he would run a mile when seeing me walk into that bathroom (which I only use for bathing them, so he knows what's coming). So then I start rinsing his fur and that's fine. He hides his face from the splashing water but that's fine too. And he actually stands still while I rub his fur down with shampoo (with the exception of wriggling and twisting his body here and there). Thankfully he's small and I can push his body back into position.

So the wet part is over and that went alright. But now comes the blowdryer!

Firstly he takes some coaxing to get into the drying spot. After he's there, I have to block off all exits with my legs and corner him into a wall because he will definitely try to get out of the blowdrying bit. And he has succeeded at least once each session. He just can't take the pain and agony of hot air in his face! He'll hide his face under my knee, wriggle down under the table, put his backside down on the floor when I try to brush and dry his tail and bottom fur and just basically do all he can to wriggle out of this nonsensical beauty nonsense. Sound familiar?

Truly, Foxy knows what every girl knows - you have to endure some pain to be beautiful (think facials, waxing... you know what I mean).

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