Thursday, July 06, 2006

This is how I know

I'm back in KL.

And I know this to be true not only because I endured a 12 hour flight to arrive at KLIA, but because on the road today, I was knocked from behind whilst in a traffic jam.

In fact, I've been back 3 weeks and there is a whole list I could put on here that hits it home that I'm back in the land of "Me, Me, Me". Most of the reminders do come when I'm on the road, unfortunately.

One of the pleasant surprises I received the day after I arrived home was at Metrojaya in Mid Valley. The people in the Home department were very friendly and helpful. A big hurray for the folks at Metrojaya who train their staff well.

On another note, here's a point to ponder:

"Do you have to obey the niceties and be polite to everyone at any time?"

This is what I mean - I think we Asians have the mentality where if we think we deserve something, we don't have to thank anyone for giving it to us. A common example would be the lady in the Chinese restaurant pouring our tea for us. Well, of course she has to do it, it's her job and we're paying for it. So why do we have to thank her? It's not like if we don't thank her she won't pour for us again, is it?

However, I do believe that if you treat someone like a stupid person they will always remain stupid. Therefore, if you treat someone like they are worth something, they might treat their work as something worth doing and stop reaching across the table, whacking your face with their sleeve at the same time, in order to clear away a plate. If you give someone respect, they will learn to respect you as well.

That's what I think anyway.

Of course, some people really are stupid. But by treating them badly, doesn't it say a lot about ourselves as well?

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Anonymous said...

Hi dear Catherine!
Thank you for your comment but you may fight with Lin later!!!
hehe girl firght!!! Goood! I look forward to watching it!


PS: pleasant music as well!