Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Feng Tau" Music

What is it really? I'm so, so bad at music genres. Would it be called trance music? Sounded more hard trance than anything.

Anyway, I'm talking about the music being played at Ruums where Nain had his birthday party last weekend. Music was good, the place was nice, the servers were relatively quick, efficient and friendly. The only downside was my embarrassment at the people on the dancefloor. I heard it was a DJ from Australia who came to play and all I can think of is how lame he must think our dancers are.

Although I can't complain too much since I didn't go to the dancefloor... I suppose having a full floor of incredibly lame dancers is better than an empty one.

So naturally I thought, "Oh god, how embarrasing for us! Look at the people down there moving their shoulders to this sort of music, like it's Engelbert Humperdinck or somethin"

But, hey... if you take a walk round to the back, off the floor, hidden from view by pillars, you'll see the real dancers. Guys wearing what looked like lion dancers' pants but pretty cool at the same time because it's all about the legwork; one girl looking like Avril Lavigne with a midriff singlet and black tie showing some moves on her own; and just a group of guys in a circle watching each other's moves... those are the people that ought to be watched.

At least now I know how this music is danced to. And I thought it was all about flinging your dreadlocks, whacking other people in the face.

By the way, isn't it great how many comments there were in the last post? Brilliant!

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