Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spray painting glass jars

Anyone who knows me well will know that I've always been into recycling and I can't stand the thought of throwing something perfectly good and useful away. I used to have boxes and boxes of still-useable paper for me to sketch or scribble on the back. The unfortunate thing was that I received so much more useless paper in the mail or from other people than I could use up, hence the boxes and boxes.

Since I moved to The Netherlands and started cooking, I've found myself with not only scrap paper to use up, but glass jars from sauces and vegetables. After washing and removing the labels, most of them are still good to reuse. So now I have a box of reusable glass jars without a use for them.

Then I saw photos of beautifully-painted glass jars on Pinterest, and I looked for tutorials on how to recreate those looks. Some blogs say to use acrylic paint but when I saw one which said spray paint was quicker, I jumped at that. Because I already had the perfect shade of pink spray paint that I'd bought years ago for my bike, and because I didn't have any acrylic paint to hand.

So last weekend, I attempted my first painted glass jar. Since I have about 30 jars, I can't possibly use them all myself, so I thought that if successful, I'd put them up for sale during Queensday for 50 cents or 1 euro each. Just so they wouldn't go to waste!

Apparently, spray paint on glass takes ages to dry, so I still don't have a final version to show. And I don't even know if it looks good as I haven't unwrapped the plastic around the jar in case I peel off some of the paint by accident.

So check back for the final result... hopefully it's worked!

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