Tuesday, July 03, 2012

All the weddings in June 2012

It has been a while, and my holiday back in KL has come and gone. In fact, I just arrived back in NL this morning, so I'm quite tired but determined to stay up till a decent hour.

While I was in KL, I attended two weddings - one of them was Janice's wedding, one of my best and oldest friends from school. She married her boyfriend of eight or nine years and it was a really beautiful wedding. So happy I made it back for that!

The other wedding was Daniel's. Daniel is an ex-college mate of mine and it was through him that I met Schrobbenmaster. They were housemates while working at Nielsen and Daniel brought him to my Chinese New Year party way back in 2009. Sparks didn't fly immediately, but I grew to enjoy and appreciate, and heck, even want his company. Hehe. So Daniel's wedding was something both Schrobbenmaster and I could attend and relate to.

Besides those two main events, we did lots of fun things like sightseeing and chilling in Penang, hanging out in KL like old times (cinema, Bangsar, drinking, etc) and spending precious time with my family. I also attended Daniel's fiancee's bachelorette night - well, it was her second, as her first celebration was in Paris with a few close girlfriends.

It was that night that I met a girl, Ashley, who I later found out owns and runs a waxing and manicure beauty salon in Bangsar. I always support people who start their own businesses and grow it from the ground up. It's even one of my dreams to do that, so naturally, I have empathy for these people. She passed me her card later on at the wedding, so I thought I'd just plug it a bit on this blog, if anyone finds themselves in need of some brow/facial waxing or nailcare.

Her shop is called Apron Bay and it's on the first floor, so look up for signboards. I can't remember exactly where she said it was above, but it's on Jalan Telawi 4. The street isn't that long, so I'm sure you'll find it if you bother to look. If you want to make an appointment, the number is 03 2287 8081.

Let me upload some photos from my phone to my computer and I'll put them up in the next post... along with our new furry little addition to the house :) Till then, folks!


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finalllllly, an update :)

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