Friday, August 12, 2011

Shrimp pasta - best pasta I ever made

So, several weeks ago, Doc Vicky asked if she could pretty please spend Friday evening with me because Super Harry would be having a night out with his gym buddies. Okay, she didn't sound that desperate :)

It was nice to have a girly night (not that we're both very girly anyway, but I think we tend to get overshadowed by our boyfriends since they are the ones who were buddies to start with). At first we were thinking of going to a restaurant for a nice dinner, but in the end, feeling broke, and me having stumbled upon one of my recipes that Schrobbenmaster never wanted to try, we decided to make shrimp pasta at home.

I rarely cook with 3 pans on the stove, but here you go. Being professional and all.

Albert Heijn had a discount for buying 2 packs of shrimp together, which I think was just fate telling us we'd chosen the right recipe.

Doc Vicky's dad owns a successful catering company and he himself is supposed to be an awesome chef (I'm waiting for an invitation to dinner). She said that he makes the most awesome shrimp pasta (which kinda made me feel a little nervous to be making it from a simple recipe online *ahem*), so she called him up for some tips. He didn't have time to write the whole recipe down, but he told her that adding cream and onions helps.

I have since made this dish twice, and each time I eat it, I'm appreciating the fresh tomato taste (okay, they're canned, but they're better than pasta sauce from a jar) of the sauce over buying ready-made pasta sauce in a jar.

After adding the cream, it has a much fuller and richer taste and it tastes so amazing!

Even Schrobbenmaster likes it, although he refuses to have shrimp and will make me make salmon separately for him. I hope he appreciates it.


frachely said...

Looks absolutely yummy!!!!!!!! the prawns look pretty juicy!!

frachely said...
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shoobaba said...

Yeah they were good prawns!

Sharon said...

Oooh..making me hungry! Any chance you'd like to cook it when you're back n invite me over? Hrhe...

shoobaba said...

Haha... sureeee... we can have a dinner party :)