Friday, June 17, 2011

Big realisation that came late *doh!*

Our house is SOLD!!! It's such a big relief to know that it's off our hands shortly and we don't have to worry about paying double mortgage anymore. Well, we have to pay it for a couple of months because the new owner wants to move in only in September and we start paying for our new apartment in July. But, small matter!

Now the funny thing is, the new owner is none other than Schrobbenmaster's friend, Super Harry! All these months talking about moving and selling the old house and not a peep from him about buying a house. I guess it came as a sort of surprise to him as well. He currently lives with his parents quite close by and this house will be his first step to property ownership.

So I was congratulating him yesterday on getting a foot on the property ladder, and only today - now, in fact, I realise that I've also just climbed a rung on the same ladder! I guess it's because I lived on my own before for a few years that it doesn't feel like anything new. But I never owned any of the properties I lived in (my parents own my apartment in KL, although I completely redecorated it and renovated some parts of it).

So here's to my first property *cheers!*. I never, ever dreamed that my first property would be located in The Netherlands. Life's funny that way :)

Well, back to packing for now. It's really amazing how I have filled a big box for the kitchen, and yet when I look around it, it still looks the same. It's gonna be a nightmare, considering how much hidden storage space we have in this house :P


Mumsy said...

a nightmare it sure is, imagine the packing here! and no one to help.

shoobaba said...

you said sze yin/chuin is helping!

Janice said...

Yay! Congrats! Post pics! How are you going to decorate? :)

shoobaba said...

We move in 3 weeks, so I'll definitely have some sort of photos then. Don't know how nice it'll be yet, it's a larger space to decorate so it's a little harder... wish you could come for the housewarming!