Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Which tissue?

Here's my take on tissues.

I've used 4 major brands of facial tissues - Kleenex, Scott, Premier (who hasn't?) and Royal Gold. I've also come to certain conclusions that I would like to share with anyone as discerning of tissues as I am. Or just plain bonkers.

My personal favourite, and although on the pricier side of the scale, worth it for the quality. Spread out, it's big enough to cover and dry my face completely. It's also soft and just an all round joy to use. Packaging design is acceptable for generic household tastes. Kleenex is just good for everyday use. A pack of 4x170 pieces is about RM9-10.

Hmm... it has a nice, international-sounding name and pretty alright packaging. However, the tissues are quite small! When I spread it across my face, it barely covers everything, which means I then have to scrunge it up to dry the sides where it doesn't reach. It is soft, though, and cheaper than Kleenex, so could be a nearly acceptable alternative to it. A pack of 4x170 pieces is around RM6-7.

Extremely weird tagline, but it's the truth I guess. What is it again? "Everybody uses it"? Something like that. Premier is a nice size, like Kleenex, but it's not soft! Well, I've had rougher, like Plum Blossom, but compared to the previous two, Premier is decidedly rough. The packaging is quite... urgh, I guess it's alright. I use tissue box covers anyway, so the packaging doesn't bother me, except when it's in the supermarket trolley. However, the price does qualify it as an alternative to Kleenex. A pack of 4x170 pieces is around RM5-7.

This is both big and soft, like Kleenex, and is quite luxurious, being 3-ply, plus it has nice colours. The packaging design is quite awful compared to the other three, considering its price and high-class image. However, I did not choose Royal Gold as my favourite because 3-ply is a little too thick for everyday use. I always feel like it's such a waste when I use Royal Gold tissue to just wipe my mouth after a meal and throw it. Also, when I scrunge it up to clean my nose after blowing, it's too big to get inside my nose! I haven't checked the current price for Royal Gold, so can't put it down here.

Disclaimer: All the above are my personal opinions only and are not intended to give a bad name to any of the brands.

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Carrot said...

i'm one of those who's kinda bonkers hehe
definitely kleenex for me too!