Friday, March 16, 2007

Singapore: What a letdown.

3 weeks of non-event since my last post.

Or to be exact, 3 weeks of not doing anything, ANYTHING, ANYTHING AT ALL at work.

I don't know how many of you will agree, but it's so much more stressful to look busy than to actually BE busy. I should know. I live that life every day.

Apart from work, the past 3 weeks were really quite eventful, socially. Mumsy Bumsy's birthday karaoke party was a blast with me and Elleh Belleh singing our hearts out at Bohemian Rhapsody, everyone drumming their fingers in boredom during our Ciara session, and then us youngsters rolling our eyes during the old Mandarin songs bit. For pix of the partay, visit Elleh's blog at

The BIG EVENT that happened this month is that Grandpa G came to visit! Oh he's lovely! He's still here and still makin' me happy every day.

Went to Singapore last weekend for a seriously melting hot weekend (temperature-wise) and a (unexpectedly) coma-inducing nightlife scene. You Singaporeans don't deserve all your cool clubs, bozos! Ministry of Sound was crackingly wasting away on Friday night being only 3/4 full! You can even walk with your arms stretched wide and you'll only knock over the empty tables surrounding the dancefloor, where the peeps were just rotating (what kinda dance move is that) their shoulders to awesome (seriously) progressive and deep house (according to Gary because I don't know them genres at all). And don't go saying "Oh maybe you went really early, like, Singaporeans are too cool to come out before midnight!" because I was at Clarke Quay from after dinner till 4am and it didn't get no better than it was at 8pm, baby.

And apparently, MOS is the newest, hottest place in town. Yuh-uh.