Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chinese -> (not quite) English

I was clearing out the office a few days ago and found bits and bobs of rubbish that I hadn't thrown away cuz I meant to do something with them. In the interest of a neat and tidy workplace, I'm gonna attempt to clear all these things.

One such bob is the leaflet for Tang Long Imperial Wine which I've been meaning to post on this blog for ages because of its lovely translation from Chinese to English. They picked a few people to give testimonials on the benefits of the drink. They were obviously given in Chinese, and the English translator is obviously a doofus.

Here are a few of them:

Hooi Poh Sim
One year ago, I was having Lymph cancer (over for tea?). After the operation, the condition is become well, but due to long term take medicine, I always feel asleep and do not have appetite to eat and tire (mmm, I feel like eating tire today). On December 2003, my health condition is become after consuming Tang Long Imperial (become what?! what?! I'm in suspense!). My body would not feel tire easily and my appetite is improving a lot...

Leang Shee Meng
When I was setting the grill and always feel backache and cold. (feels like I walked in on a conversation halfway through) It was because I did not take care well when I was young and just took painkiller when I feel aching. Luckily, after medical hall introduced to drink Tang Long Imperial, I consumed one small cup before I sleep. I feel my backache problem is lesser and body would not feel so cold. My hand and feet muscle is become more active (here come the jitters!). I would like to thank you Tang Long Imperial have brought me so much health improvement.

Tay Yong
I am an old woman aged eighty something (and they stated everyone's exact age next to their testimonials). Due to aging problem (so how do we solve it?), I have been suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure for 10 years plus (I say only getting them when you're 70 years old is pretty damn great). But since my friend introduced me to drink Tang Long Imperial, I feel different in term of my health problem is improving a lot and diabetes level is not increasing and my backache problem is lesser and I am so touching about the health improvement. (take a well-deserved breath, old girl!)

Wee Yin Hua (this is my favourite)
My body is weak all the while and my digest system is not so good, as well as can't sleep well, I have been suffered for these problems for about 30 years. On August 2003, I knew Tang Long Imperial from radio station, so I tried bought Tang Long Imperial to drink for sometimes, I feel it really help to improve my health problem. I drink Tang Long on morning and night time after dinner (and in the evening, and underneath the moon), then I will fast asleep and my stomach air is lesser and more comfortable. I would not having unsleeping (??) problem since I have been taking Tang Long Imperial for 6 bottle (alcoholic?) and I fell more energetic on my work.

Hope you had a good chuckle.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Some of you may know that I've been suffering for a couple of months now with my downstairs neighbours loud music-playing, banging and karaoke-singing/yelling. Most mornings I wake up to bass beats through my floor, making the bed vibrate. Most days, I call the management office to tell them to shut up. Most times, it works. For an hour.

I have been damning them to hell for a few weeks now but it doesn't seem to have worked. And as I write this, they are laughing and talking loudly at their balcony for all the world to hear.

So I have been trying to think of revenge tactics, but none that I can do that can make them as annoyed as I am by them. The best thing would be to have them kicked out of the apartment, but how do you do that? The management office says there are a few of them living there, Indonesian students, apparently, renting. There are no bloody colleges in this area, why do they live here?

Tonight I went online in search of 'neighbour revenge tactics' and found a few funny and also malicious ones, none of which would really stop their music-playing. But then I stumbled upon a discussion which really grabbed my attention and made me read to the end.

Ideas for dirty deeds to annoy an ex-neighbour

I would recommend reading that even if it is a bit lengthy. I think Timstone might, since he loves reading :)

It starts out with revenge tactics, but it then becomes a debate between the "why do you need revenge?" people and the "they deserve it" people. honestly, the people on the first team really mustn't have had any bad neighbours before. plus, it really irks me when people post arguments on a thread which is about something else. If you have a problem with revenge tactics, STOP READING! And don't even bother posting, will you?

Anyway, it really becomes an interesting debate, because the person who posted the problem - although insulted by the opposing team - still explains rationally and maturely without getting angry as most people would do.

Still hasn't helped me with the neighbour problem, but it gave me a really entertaining read for half an hour though.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why hangovers are good for you

No, not because it shows you had a great time the night before. Besides, once you wake up with a hangover, you're virtually dreading the next time you go out drinking. Well, almost.

No, what I realised is that when I've drunk a lot and need to rest till past noon, I also tend to go to bed earlier that night. And then it becomes a habit. So I start waking up earlier as well, and feel fresher and nicer cuz I've had enough rest at proper times.

I was doing that for about 2 weeks until last week when I started sleeping late again. And couldn't stop. These days I feel tired and sleepy and lazy.

I really need to get a hangover soon.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

J'adore Nuages Du Monde! Je l'adore! Woohoo!

I don't know why it's taken me so bloody long to blog about this, but I FINALLY HAVE NUAGES DU MONDE! This is Delerium's latest album - okay, I say latest, but it was actually released in 2006, and I didn't know about it because none of the music shops here brought it in!!! Anger and resentment.

Incidentally, the smart-ass joker at Rock Corner sucks. It'll take too long for me to explain what he did, but basically, he thinks he's smart, and he bloody well is NOT.

Anyway, searched online, but all the US sites didn't accept Malaysian credit cards, and the UK shops were too expensive. So I asked lovely G's help to use his credit card. In the end he bought it from a UK site cuz he didn't wanna use his CC on a "dodgy US website".

Waited, waited, waited... and he finally got it a few days ago! He ripped the CD and sent it to me.. been listening every day since. And it's awesome awesome awesome!

It's actually playing here now, in case you're wondering why there's music playing. TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS! All the music is from Nuages Du Monde, except for Satellite Girl, which is by Conjure One, my second favourite musicians. Hmm, this song is also causing me a lot of angst as I can't find it anywhere to download or purchase. So the only time I can listen to it is if I visit my blog. Which isn't such a bad thing, I guess.

Cream of the crop: Tectonic Shift (seriously lovin' this track as it's like an 'advanced' Delerium - if possible) and Apparition (which is on the blog playlist - scroll to the bottom to select it).

Beijing Olympics opening ceremony

It was AMAZING! AMAZING! You really can't beat the Chinese when it comes to organising mass performances with thousands of participants, can you? The ceremony was so awesome and planned so well. I really don't know what other superlative to use before it gets repetitive :P

My favourite part was the tai ji quan performance, but that was just because I love seeing those kind of things - body movement and control. But otherwise, I'd say all the performances were on par with each other - excellent!

I don't know if they'll repeat it anymore, as they've done so twice that I know of. Unfortunately I've not subscribed to the sports package on Astro so I can only hear audio (when I press the 'R' button), and there's not much use in that. Gotta run over to dad's to watch if I want to.

I am so DEFINITELY going to watch the closing ceremony!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Alexis @ Ampang

It's been a few years since I last went to Alexis in Great Eastern Mall, but it doesn't seem to have changed. Still has a great vibe, and everything looks as it was. I just love the interior of the place.

Last night, I went there for drinks with Sookie. It was a Thursday night and there weren't many people there, but enough to make it cosy. I felt chocolate-cakey (since that night at Duck King when I chose to have gui ling gao instead of chocolate cake) so I had a look at their selection. Most places only have 1 or 2 chocolate selections, but this place is great! It had chocolate mousse, chocolate cinnamon, chocolate brownie, chocolate something else and 1 or 2 more. Yum!

In the end, I chose the chocolate cinnamon cake with ice cream and I wasn't disappointed. It was so so so yummy! I really recommend that if you like chocolate cakes. It tastes like flourless chocolate cake with a hint of cinnamon.

Well, that's all I wanted to say. Just go try their chocolate cinnamon. It's RM14, which is an obscene amount for cake, but really good, nevertheless.

Oh, and one more thing. If you go on a weeknight ie. Sunday-Thursday, don't park in the basement if you're going to stay past midnight. Sookie and I (in one car) drove past the open boomgate happily thinking we didn't have to pay for parking, but when we reached the exit, the roller shutter was down! We drove all round the carpark looking for the alternative exit, but there wasn't one. Then we drove to the security room whose lights were on, but there was no one inside. Typical!

So we had to park the car in front of the shutter and walk up again looking for a guard, whom we eventually found Starbucks-ing with his co-worker. And he got the shutter open for us. But what a hassle! Just park outside lah. Don't have to pay for parking either.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm a queen bed

Have any of you seen this Swedish Furniture Name Generator before? It's hilarious! Click the picture below to try it out and do us all a favour by coming back to leave a comment on what your name is!