Sunday, April 27, 2008

Me, my shelf and I

I'm sitting here in front of my 24" Intel iMac (gloat, gloat), eating Square Fruit Jelly, thinking of what to type tonight. How long has it been since you've had Square Fruit Jelly, by the way?

Oh wait a minute... it's not Square Fruit Jelly, it's TENTEN Fruit Flavoured Jelly. I'm sure they're the same thing anyway.

I think I'm growing up.

I can see it in the different magazines I pick up now. The old me (before the quarter life crisis) collected GLAMOUR magazine every month without fail. And then Mumsy Bumsy dumped her copy of Harper's Bazaar UK on me.

In the past I'd pick up magazines like Vogue and Bazaar, but I'd pooh-pooh them, saying that they're just full of ads and a waste of money. In fact, they ARE full of ads, but I find now that I'm just as interested in the ads as in the articles. Because the ads show what current fashion trends are. Just like the fashion section of any mag. With better photography.

So today, I was at Czip Lee in Bangsar (only because I'd been uber lucky enough to find a parking spot right in front of it when I was heading to Eon Bank, and thus decided to make the spot worth it by spending some time in Czip Lee. Kiasu? More like, thankful), and I was looking for May's issue of Bazaar UK. Sadly (for me) and shamefully (for them), they didn't have it! They had Bazaar Malaysia, but it was wrapped in plastic and I was afraid it would contain pages of Aunty and Datin fashion. A HUGE NO-NO. So I put it back down (but with the option of picking it up again if I ever saw it without plastic).

I looked around some more and saw Vogue UK. Okay, I thought, I can't go wrong with Vogue. So I bought it. I've so far gone through the first 30 pages and... I prefer Bazaar. Vogue does have awesome pictures, but Bazaar has more interesting articles. Better written as well. Vogue's articles are really really dry - articles that you can't concentrate on or understand if you've not got a stilettoed foot in the fashion world.

I'm growing up. You can tell by my magazine shelf.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eye Candy!

I'd been feeling pretty overloaded with work for the past three weeks because since I came back from the UK, Slavedriver has been tossing pretty much all his work my way. So I've had to meet and learn up everything on his clients - which I had no time for, because I had to finish projects that had already started and start on new ones I knew nothing about!

So, yes, pretty stressed :(

But earlier this week I finally caught up with Slavedriver at the office, and he gave me a run-through of some things I was working on. Now I don't feel quite as lost as I did, and talking to him kind of motivated me because I needed someone to tell me that, YES, I could do this work. I guess he kinda threw me the life jacket I needed.

Another perk this week was... Hunky Jap Guy.

He works in the office of one of my clients. I'd seen him twice before but first time was just a 'Hi', and second time was when he asked if I was leaving and opened the front door for me. Naturally, I'd already noticed that there was this hunky dude sitting in the corner, but as I had no work to do with him, we never really talked.

But this Monday... he opened the door for me again (these office doors always gotta be opened by some electronic magnetic thing) and we spoke a bit more about being late for meetings (not my fault, my watch was 10 minutes slow, and I'd even arrived 10 minutes early by my reckoning). Okay, so there was a third guy there too, some local uncle-type person I'm working with on this project, but he's pretty negligible, right?

So I'm pretty thrilled that I finally am on speaking terms with Hunky Jap Guy. It's just so hard to find real, live, male eye candy in KL. And boy is he eye candy :P I wonder when my next meeting is?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fascinating Food

The UK has an amazing food phenomenon - the ready-made meal. You just drop by a supermarket, pick a frozen pack of Chicken Madras, Spaghetti Carbonara, Chinese Fried Rice, whatever you like (and often 2 for 1), bring it home, chuck it in the oven for 4 minutes and it comes out amazing. I mean it. It tastes really good.

But, as always, things go in circles, and the return of the "fresh local farmer's food" seems to be at our doorstep.

One such place which sells really cool farmer's produce is in Whitchurch, where we stopped by one day to get some food for dinner (and ended up buying loads of freshly made food, one of the best-tasting being the tomato and mozzarella meatball).

Tell me, will you ever see an onion this size in a KL supermarket?

No kidding, actual size. And don't you just love those little handwritten tags? Well, I do, anyway.

But wait a minute, Malaysia has its special food too. Mumsy Bumsy and I were in the kitchen. She was slicing a papaya and I was pottering about doing nothing as usual. What's special about that?

Check it out.

We considered putting it up on eBay for a fortune, but I guess common sense took over and we just ate the special little thing.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Azrin's Birthday @ La Bodega

My first party after arriving home was last Wednesday at La Bodega, Telawi. Azrin turned a whopping 27! We've now known each other for a bit over a decade! Whew!

Was a really good night. Bodega's always a good place to hang out because they have the BEST SERVICE EVER. I haven't experienced any better in KL (besides 789, but that may be because they know me?)

Here are some photos stolen off Jo P's Multiply album.

An innovative cake! There was a bottle of Bailey's and milk with a straw barely sticking out for sucking :P

The cake was really really tasty! Somewhat in between a cake and a brownie. Mmm!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Breakfast at Tiffany's

I just watched Breakfast at Tiffany's. How amazing was Audrey Hepburn? How could she be so good-looking and such a good actress too? Made me cry at the end cuz it was kind of a sad, happy ending. Quite a different type of romantic movie. Can't they make movies like this anymore?

OK, back to work!

Did I mention that I have a new Mac? Woohoo! Yes it's true! A glorious 24" Intel iMac desktop. Power-nya! Makes work such a joy. Or as much of a joy as it can be. Mmm. 'Makes work less torturous' is more like it.

OK, back to work!

(Well, after I find a new wallpaper. Because now that my screen is so BIG, I need one that strettttcccches further. Hoohoo.)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

No wonder my hair is dropping out

Do you think the paper clip factory purposely makes their paper clips link together in the box to irritate you when you try to take one out?

I am so OVERLOADED with work!

Plus, I've been sleeping late every day, and working (almost) every waking hour since I came back from England that I'm about to have a meltdown. Can't wait till G gets here and he can do some of the running around for me.

A bright spark amongst the clutter of paperwork on my table though... I just received my copy of the MATAHATI book I worked on together with Gwyn. It accompanies the MATAHATI exhibition currently on until tomorrow (April 13) at several art venues, including Galeri Petronas in KLCC. Haven't gone to see it yet, but will do tomorrow afternoon.

The book looks good!

Monday, April 07, 2008

A very, very irritating thing

Tell me, if I say "UK", do you hear "London"? If I say "England", do you hear "London"? If I say "Manchester", do you hear "London"?

If you do, I hate you.

London is London, for pete's sake! Stop assuming everywhere in the UK is called London and start opening your eyes and ears!

The next time someone makes that mistake in front of me, I'm going to damn well throttle them.